I have, while waiting for the developer, tried to summarise the intention of the PlanetGuardian program, creating Hero’s by helping people to “recycle“, “compost” and/or “Grow their own” herbs, veggies and plants.

I figured that as all children need role models, and none more than in the home, we should give them Hero’s and Hero-type programs to participate in. Some of us adults are born Guardians, simply needing the space and opportunity to recognise this about ourselves. “Welcome, Guardian. We recognise you“.

Planet Guardians recover *Carbon Credits and **Landfill Airspace credits to, going forward, fund animal welfare, relevant education and school sports programs as a result of environment-friendly job creation fighting survivalist motivated crimes.” To be honest, I don’t know that most people are ready for this level of community-driven, closed circle type of “recycling”, where we positively touch on every aspect of community empowerment, planet and family protection.

The crimes we are targeting through locally focused, environment-friendly job creation, composting and Urban farming/food growing include familial, social, financial, environmental and bestial (animal cruelty), all while protecting our Rights, including property and all the Rights of the children, as enshrined in the Constitution.

All you need do is subscribe to any or all services offered, participate within the parameters provided and we are able to do the rest, using programs that have been proven to work in the rest of the world. We don’t fix anything ourselves but by helping you to do what is right, good and true in a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective manner, we help to fund those that are able and willing to.

Recycling: The Planet Guardian program uses recovered recyclable packaging; community donations and electrical discards, collected from your pavement on an alternative day to the wheelie bins, to reduce visible pollution; for commercially unemployable people to manually recover the various values thereof, and stimulate the local economy.

Subscription rates start at R100/month for the collection of 1 bag per week, increasing with R20 per additional bag. It’s an honour driven, pre-paid service and if we need to invoice for work done, the prices double. We are all adults here.

Compost: We would like for you to use the Bokashi composting system, which processes raw and cooked organic kitchen waste in a bucket (no air). You simply have a working container in the kitchen to which you add the scraps while you are cooking; scrape the plates afterwards. (No liquids please.) add then squash down the Bokashi Bran to remove any air and, when the kitchen container is full, empty into the 20l bucket standing in the garage or somewhere out of the sun. We want to fetch that full bucket every 2 weeks and give you a clean empty 20L bucket. Once a month, or rather every second collection, we would issue you with 1kg of Bokashi Bran. The subscription includes the discount of R50 per bakkie load of soft garden waste collected for local composting purposes, charged at R350 per load.

Subscription Rates start at R400 per month.

Urban Farming: We would like to introduce you to our version of the American SFG urban farmer program, where we provide a table of 1m2 and 20cm deep dimensions, at hip height and with Super Soil that will last for 10 years, so that all can grow their vegetables, regardless of where they live. Our Version takes out 80% of the space, 98% of the work and saves 95% of the water used for traditional farming.

Table prices: The empty tables sell at R3 849 empty or R4 703 with the 200 kg of Super Soil that will keep you happily growing for a decade – if you look after your soil and top up with compost after every harvest.

Herewith the “Big Picture type information:”

ABOUT: Choosing to recycle and compost their organic waste, Planet Guardians create valuable *Carbon Credits and **Landfill Airspace Credits to trade on the Stock market and/or sell to Eskom and the participating Municipality, at a discount, to fund local animal welfare programs; relevant education and school sports programs.

While saving the Ratepayers money and reducing pollution through environment-friendly job creation, Planet Guardians also target survivalist and opportunist-motivated home and business invasive crimes.

Join the Planet Guardians, we are the hero’s of today fixing tomorrow for the children.

*Carbon Credit: equal to 1 ton of carbon dioxide; a market-oriented tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions allowing those to work well to sell hot air credits to those that need, like Eskom, to reduce their greenhouse gases. Basically, it’s a tax on the hot air which the plants rely on to grow.

**Landfill Airspace credits: We pay the municipalities for the collection and processing of a full wheelie bin every week. By recycling we reduce volume and by composting we reduce mass and therefore we are in credit, which is measured and holds a financial value that can be used to incentivise more people. In our scenario, those funds are used locally, for the benefit of the participating community only – no longer for the mafia.

Property ownership: When you go shopping, you come home with your new property, the ownership of which is only transferable in exchange for work done; a gift or a transaction but never arbitrarily (theft).

The Waste Management Law of South Africa requires that we separate our dry, unwanted property from wet and contaminated property before bagging separately and placing all inside the wheelie we hire from the Municipality, paying to have our unwanted property correctly dealt with.

When our property Rights have been usurped by any Municipality and we are “not allowed” to use our property to fight local survivalist crimes through environment-friendly job creation such as per the City of Cape Town, we are entitled to fair compensation as stipulated by a Court of Law and our Constitution.

National Waste Management and property ownership Laws:

All property ownership, not restricted to merely land, is protected by the Constitution.

National Waste Management Law of 2010 requires wet/dry property and waste to be separated before collection, but not that the municipality provides either separate collection or processing.

This was done, according to our understanding, by the national government so that the poor and commercially unemployable people could manually recover recyclable materials to earn a living, and to reduce survivalist motivated crimes which would stimulate the local and national economy, allowing for VAT income with which to keep the lights on, and pensions paid.

However, Municipalities earn their income through property rates and sales of electricity, which are increased by crime. The sabotage is therefore not national but local, at the Municipal level. Your councillor, looking you in your eyes at voting time, is your closest enemy, and biggest traitor to the community “it” is supposedly serving.

Recyclable materials; electrical discards and community donations are the property (dry waste), protected from “expropriation for public benefit purposes, without compensation”.